Thunderbird and Google Calendar

thunderbird-lightning-google-tasksThere are a few methods for getting your Google Calendar to show up in the Thunderbird mail client, the most common method I see is using the Lightning Add-On coupled with the Provider for Google Calendar Add-On. Some downsides to this solution is:– It has happened in the past that there were incompatibilities between the two Add-On’s and/or the Provider for Google Calendar Add-on and Thunderbird itself.– When adding a Google Calendar using this solution Thunderbird will sync all the events from the Calendars to itself. This can take very long initially and can lead to slow startup times for the mail client.


Another solution is the Google Calendar Tab. All this Add-On does is allow you to login to your Google account as you would through a web browser. It shows up exactly as it does in Chrome, Firefox etc .. and is just as responsive and easy to work with.

One glitch that some people have with the Add-On is that initially when they sign into their Google account they see the ugly mobile version of their Google Calendar. To fix this go to the Add-On preferences and change the URL to:

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