Ubuntu Next … Unity 8 + Mir!

LOGO-U1-300x212Ubuntu is preparing to jump into it’s desktop-to-phone convergence in a big way. Users who are playing around with Ubuntu 15.10 can already start to get an idea of what this will look and feel like.

So what is Ubuntu Next? – Well, it’s Ubuntu running Unity 8 and Mir. Ok, so now I got you wondering “What is Mir?” … right?! Mir is a display server for Linux which Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu and ran by Mark Shuttleworth, is developing.

Canonical has been wanting to converge the user interface of the Ubuntu OS across form factors such as phones, tablets and the desktop for some time now – and this is what Unity 8 + Mir is all about.

Want to give it a try? Download the latest daily build ISO here: LINK
Word of caution though – I tried to run this in VirtualBox and it didn’t fly. (Something about that issue here)

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